Arctic Cool Instant Cooling UPF 50+ UV Protection Neck Gaiter 2 Pack

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Why should you wear an Arctic Cool Multifunctional Gaiter? Not only do our gaiters keep you cooler longer, thanks to HydroFreeze X Technology, they also can be worn more than 12 different ways! When you begin to sweat, or the gaiter gets wet, HydroFreeze X Technology automatically activates and wicks moisture away from you, causing a cooling sensation. With UPF 50+, our gaiter can keep you protected from the sun all day long! Look cool, stay cool with an Arctic Cool Gaiter!
Product Feature:

  1. 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex
  2. ✔ MORE THAN MOISTURE WICKING - As you begin to sweat, the advanced HydroFreeze X fabric wicks moisture away from your skin while also dispersing it throughout. It's lightweight, breathable and quick drying. When combined with airflow, Arctic Cool's EXCLUSIVE HydroFreeze X Fabric design acts as a radiator and INSTANTLY COOLS your body through controlled evaporation...NATURALLY. Chemical-free cooling that won't wash out. Now you can do what you love...more easily, longer and comfortably!
  3. ✔ LIGHTWEIGHT BREATHABLE AND COMFORTABLE - Made with an athletic cut 4-way stretch polyester and spandex fabric blend, the Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Multifunctional Headgear Gaiter and Face Mask provides a greater range of motion for any activity. ✔ PERFECT FOR ANY ACTIVITY

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