Fruity PEBBLES Breakfast Cereal, Gluten Free, 10 Vitamins and Minerals, Breakfast Snacks, Sweetened Rice Cereal, 36 Oz

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Fruity PEBBLES breakfast cereal is packed with fruity flavor. Each spoonful of sweetened crispy rice cereal delivers intense fruity goodness. Kickstart your morning off with a fun, flavorful blast with Fruity PEBBLES. Fruity Pebbles can be added to make an easy kids breakfast, snack or after school pick-me-up. This delicious gluten-free cereal has been a family favorite for over 40 years - perfect for both adults and kids. Excellent source of 10 essential vitamins and minerals per serving. Enjoy with milk or pack a bag for a work snack, school lunchbox. Make fun treats as a sweet party snack.A gluten-free kids breakfast cereal great for the entire family Kids cereal packed with natural and artificial fruit flavors Use this sweetened crispy rice cereal in kids snack boxes or party treats! A great ingredient to use in sweet treat recipes!

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