Kraft Easy Mac Original Cheese, 2.05-Ounce Microwavable Cups (Pack of 12)

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Kraft Easy Mac Grab scrumptious Kraft Microwavable Macaroni & Cheese Dinner goodness on the go. It's our easiest and most convenient way to get your cheese on. Just buy it and try it. You know you love it. Makes a quick and easy side dish or meal. Can be microwaved in 3-1/2 minutes for a tasty and convenient snack. Cheesy made Easy, Just add water and microwave ! Kraft Easy Mac Macaroni and Cheese makes a tasty, nutritious meal or side dish that both adults and kids will love. Kids love the cheesy flavor and smooth, creamy consistency. Kraft Easy Mac is microwaveable, making it quick and easy to prepare. Rich in calcium and iron, Kraft Easy Mac Macaroni and Cheese is a healthy complement to any meal or a satisfying main dish all on its own. Consumers in the US are turning to Kraft Easy Mac cups for the great taste of macaroni and cheese. Easy Mac cups are simple to prepare โ€“ just add water and put in the microwave for a few minutes โ€“ plus they are portable with a disposable cup that makes clean-up easy. Go from zero to yum in just 3-1/2 minutes. Easy Mac cups are perfect for any need-to-eat-now occasion. Kraft Easy Mac cups is available in great flavors including; original, triple cheese, extreme cheese, cheddar explosion and many more !
Product Feature:
  1. Easy Mac Macaroni & Cheese
  2. Original
  3. Ready in 3 1/2 minutes!
  4. 2.05 oz micro cup
  5. 12 ct
Item #443298

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