Libbys Vienna Sausage 4.6 Oz

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Libby's Chicken Vienna Sausage in Chicken Broth make a fantastic snack or can help add flavor to your favorite recipes. Great for casseroles, soups, or classic mac and cheese. Fully cooked, plump, and delicately seasoned Chicken Vienna Sausage have 8 g of protein per serving. Libby's is one of the most well-known brands of quality products with a long tradition in the United States.

One 4.6 oz. can of Libby's Chicken Vienna Sausage in Chicken Broth

Plump, delicately seasoned sausage snacks are ready to eat

Slice into casseroles, soups, and your other favorite recipes

Made with chicken broth

Fully cooked sausage bites are a great snack6 g protein per serving140 calories per serving

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