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Live Ocean Seafood offers creative seafood items developed from the belief in providing the best possible value while doing it in the most sustainable and ecological way! Our Salmon Risotto is one of a kind foods items with nothing like it available in the marketplace today. Premium Atlantic salmon with cheesy wheat berries??…In a shelf stable bowl??...warm and ready in 80 seconds??...the product comes out deliciously mild, rich, and creamy! Our goal is to provide this kind of nutritious and convenient meal for everyone who loves delicious food but does not wish to sacrifice precious time to make it. Simply take a bowl with you to work, or on a road trip, or just enjoy in the comfort of your home with as little effort as peeling back the lid and popping in the microwave for just 80 seconds! Our Risotto is already fully cooked, so no concern if you want to take it camping, just pour out your risotto into a hot pot for warming over a fire or getting creative and add your favorite vegetables, spices, and sauces. With only 520mg of Sodium you can enjoy a low sodium meal, or if you like to add spices, there’s room to go crazy! Our Salmon is sourced from ocean raised salmon farms in the cold fjords of Chile and is an amazing source of aquaculture food. Aquaculture is the way of the future; providing this delicious, nutritious, sustainable, Atlantic salmon in such a wonderfully controlled environment contributes to the relief of wild fish populations that today’s current and growing human population would otherwise overwhelm. A salmon contributes far less carbon emissions and consumes less food for energy to grow as it is lives in the water and does not fight gravity in the way that beef, Chicken, and other land dwelling animals do. Overall, we strive to create greatness for you and for future generations. Please be sure to recycle our boxes and clean empty bowls.
Product Feature:
  2. 28g Protein, 1030 mg Omega 3’s, Only 520 mg of Sodium
  3. No refrigeration needed, Shelf stable, No Preservatives
  4. Ready in 80 second, Microwaveable, Fully Cooked
  5. Sustainably Ocean Raised Atlantic Salmon
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