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The Granola Minis Club Pack contains 20 individually-wrapped packages of MadeGood’s delicious and nutritious granola minis. With 10 bags of deliciously decadent Chocolate Chip minis and 10 bags of juicy Mixed Berry minis, there’s something yummy in each Club Pack for everyone. Each 0.85-ounce bag of granola minis contains high-quality, wholesome, nut-free, gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO ingredients, making them a healthier snack for all ages to enjoy. Allergy-friendly and delicious, the whole Club Pack can be taken to a play date to share with friends or easily stored in the pantry for a convenient supply of individually-wrapped snacks all ready to pop into lunch boxes. The gluten-free wholegrains are slow to digest, keeping bellies fuller for longer while the scrumptious flavors satisfy all those sweet cravings. Trust in something good with these tasty little minis, perfect for satisfying hunger and leaving smiles on the faces of everyone who eats them.
Product Feature:
  1. 10 Chocolate Chip and 10 Mixed Berry granola minis in each Club Pack, all individually wrapped
  2. Free from the 8 most common allergens, these granola minis are perfect snacks for school lunches
  3. Wholesome grains and high-quality ingredients promote a healthier, simpler lifestyle and diet
  4. Hidden in each bag are the nutrients found in one full serving of vegetables
  5. Bite-sized and perfectly portioned, the minis make quick, easy snacks for hungry kids and adults
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