Morton Water Softener MC30

Save 33%

$230.99 $346.49


Eliminate those embarrassing hard water and iron stains around your faucets and in your shower with a Morton System Saver Water Softener. You’ll enjoy better lathering soap, whiter & brighter laundry and clean spot free dishes. With a Morton water softener you will save an estimated $470 a year.

Features include:

  • Demand controls
  • Regenerates based on use
  • Compact single tank design: 17″ wide x 21″ deep x 43″ tall
  • Whole home system for up to 1” plumbing.
  • 10 year tank warranty and 1 year LTD warranty for all other parts.

Quick, easy installation kit designed for do-it-yourselfer includes:

  • Bypass Valve
  • Drain Tubing
  • Instruction Manual.

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