Richelieu Felt Surface Savers Household Kits 310 PCS

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With glue injection technology, these felt pads are made of powerful adhesive to protect your flooring. It makes your life easier when it comes to moving furniture. Sold in sets of 310 Pieces.The package includes:96 count 3/4” (19mm) pads fits most standard kitchen and dining room chairs96 count 1” (25mm) pads fits most standard kitchen and dining room chairs16 count 1 1/2″ (38mm) pads for mid-sized legs such as coffee table, kitchen and dining room tables4 count 2 1/4″ pads for chairs, tables and furniture4 count 3″ pads50 count 3/8” Medium felt duty16 count 1/” x 2 5/8”24 count 1” x 1”2 count 6” x 9”2 count 6” x 9” Medium felt duty

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