SunBlk Everly Total Blackout Window Curtain 2 Panels Everly Charcoal

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Combine fashion and function with beautiful Everly Total Blackout Lined Window Curtains. These SUN+BLK lined curtains come in a 2 piece set that offers 104” total width and completely blocks light from entering the room. The intricately woven yarns provide beautiful texture and drapability. The blackout function makes them perfect for the bedroom, living room, family room or multi-media room. Each panel measures 52 inches wide and 84 inches tall and comes with brushed metal grommets. In addition to blackout feature, the Everly curtains offer maximum privacy, draft blocking, and noise reduction features.Features Total blackout curtains with liner Thermal insulation reduces heating & cooling costs Noise reduction Draft blocking Maximum privacy Double sided grommet top Total Blackout Lined Panels Maximum Privacy Noise Reduction Thermal Insulation Includes: 2 Panels 2 panels each pack, 52” x 84” each panel, 104” total width x 84” length
Product Feature:
  1. 52in x 84in (2 panels in one pack)
  2. Thermal insulation
  3. Magic liner technology
  4. Energy saving
  5. Care Instructions: Machine Wash Cold, Tumble dry low.
Item #1395104

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