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While making meals at home, it is important to ensure food safety for your family with proper handling and cooking temperatures. Use Taylor food thermometers to make sure your food is cooked to perfection and safe to serve. The ultra-fast Taylor Digital Instant Read Thermocouple Thermometer can read temperatures in approximately 6 seconds. The Taylor Large Dial Leave-In Meat Thermometer is perfect for poultry and roasts, and the Taylor Standard Dial Leave-In Meat Thermometer is ideal for smaller items and cuts of meat. Both leave-in meat thermometers are oven safe and can stay in your food during cooking to continually monitor progress. These three thermometers are essential additions for cooking in the home. Includes: Taylor Precision Products Digital Turbo Read Thermocouple Thermometer with Folding Probe

Taylor Large Dial Leave-In Meat Thermometer; Dia. 7.32 cm (2.88 in)Taylor Standard Dial Leave-In Meat Thermometer; Dia. 5.08 cm (2 in)Features: Meat thermometers have a tempered glass lens and are safe to leave in oven for monitoring during cooking

Meat thermometers have USDA guidelines for safe cooking temperatures printed on the dial for easy reference

Thermocouple thermometer has a stable temperature reading in approximately 6 seconds with an easy to read backlit display

Thermocouple thermometer tracks min and max temperatures and can be recalibrated in an ice slurry

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