Waterloo Sparkling Water, Variety, 12 oz, 24 ct

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Waterloo Sparkling Water Everyday mixed flavors zero calorie zero sugar 12oz cans (pack of 24), 8 cans each Watermelon, grapefruit, black cherry fruit flavored sparkling water, Naturally flavored, zero calories, zero sugar, Zero Sodium
Product Feature:

  1. ZESTY GRAPEFRUIT AROMATICS: A great balance of zesty grapefruit and delightful aroma; crisp and dry finish, no lingering sweetness
  2. PURE ESSENCE OF FRESH MUDDLED CHERRIES: Its rich, crisp taste brightens the taste buds with perfect balance of sweet and tart; snappy finish that does not linger
  3. SWEET & SUMMERY AROMATICS: Juicy watermelon taste and a real fruit finish that creates a sessionable refreshment
  4. INTRODUCING A NEW KIND OF REVOLUTION: A revolution you can taste! Waterloo Sparkling Water delivers you the freshest Non-GMO natural fruit flavors with tantalizing aromatics for a delightfully bubbly drink with big, bold taste
  5. DO YOU WATERLOO? Waterloo Sparkling Water was born in Austin, Texas, where we produce our delicious sparkling waters using non-gmo natural flavors for an enticing aroma, delightful flavor and satisfying refreshment

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